KCC: An interview with KuName Domains (+ giveaway!)

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This interview is part of my KCC-collection — a series of interviews with known and lesser known projects hosted on the ‘Kucoin Community Chain’ and published on KuCoin S(ocial). KCC is a blockchain by and for [but not limited to!] users of the KuCoin Crypto Exchange. Want to learn more about KCC? You can visit the official website here.

Happy to share my inspiring interview with Gilgameš from Heroes Vale and KuName Domains. We will be zooming in on the second project, as it is about to launch in just 2 days [at time of writing]. Enjoy! 💙

Leviathan: Hi Gilgameš, thanks for joining us today! You are currently involved in multiple KCC-projects. Focus for today’s interview is your latest addition: KuName Domains. Where did the inspiration for this project come from?

🅰️ Gilgameš: Well, KCC lacks a name service. I’m a KCC user, I want a name service. So I thought I’d make one! Jokes aside, I think this kind of service is very important to have on any serious blockchain because it greatly facilitates the interaction between users and increases the sense of belonging to a community since you can actually interact with readable names and not just a bunch of letters and digits.

Leviathan: Fully agree — that would definitely lower the threshold for entry and adoption on a larger scale. I can imagine that some people would want to claim popular domain names upon launch. Some might actually refer to an existing project, which could in turn be used for illicit activities. Are you going to take steps to prohibit people from claiming names that refer to existing projects? And will there be a restriction on the total number of domains that one wallet can register?

🅰️ Gilgameš: Domain squatters will want to squat. You are correct. This is why I put up a page with a form on our docs [link included] where project owners could apply and have their project’s name reserved for free if they partner with us. Please note that the window for that has already closed. Aside from that, I will still reserve the names of the most popular projects on KCC so to avoid scams and impersonation even for the projects that didn’t apply. They will be able to claim their names afterward. Lastly, there will be no restrictions on the number of domains a wallet can register.

Leviathan: Let’s zoom in on the financial side of things. I’ve done my homework and discovered that there is no annual subscription fee — owners will be able to mint domains for life. Can you already provide an indication of the actual cost per domain?

🅰️ Gilgameš: The pricing model is akin to that of ENS. Shorter names cost more. They are more scarce and easier to remember thus they have a higher intrinsic value. I will not disclose the actual pricing until launch, but the idea is that names 6+ characters long should be affordable for everyone. Shorter names are likely gonna be targeted by dapps or businesses wanting to have a snappier domain name for better UX and marketing purposes.

Plus! You can get up to 50% off the minting price if you are a Lomen NFT holder or if you hold an NFT of our partner projects. Our current partners are KuOrks and Tiku NFTs. The latter, though, won’t be incorporated in the discount system at launch as I discussed with the developer and they prefer to wait for the migration to the V2 of their NFT contract. A thorough breakdown of the pricing will be revealed on launch.

Leviathan: A fine example of synergy with some of the other projects on the KuCoin Community Chain. Now — a more technical question: the project is currently running on KCC testnet. Will there be an official audit before launch?

🅰️ Gilgameš: There won’t be an official audit before launch. The reason why is that the cost of requesting an audit nowadays is just too big unless the scale of the project is huge. The rates for audits from legit companies range from 20k to 30k USD. There are cheaper companies, though, whose lowest prices start at 800$, but they mostly just run automated testing facilities. These tools are open source and any sane smart contract developer should run those on their own regardless, especially before even requesting an audit. Our contracts are well-tested though, and part of the system is forked from ENS directly, which is tested and audited.

Leviathan: Talking about testnet — do you already have a date set for the mainnet launch?

🅰️ Gilgameš: The service will go live on KCC mainnet this Wednesday, May 11th, at 7:00 PM UTC. We are also holding a giveaway to celebrate the launch. Feel free to join for a chance to win a free .kcc name!

Giveaway link: https://gleam.io/competitions/cC7SF-kuname-domains-kcc-name-service-launch-giveaway

Leviathan: Great, I will gladly share the link with our readers. Something that might also benefit them: are you planning on launching a native token for KuName Domains? If so, will there be an airdrop for early adopters or would you rather list it through IDO?

🅰️ Gilgameš: We will launch a governance token $KNS, though not strictly related to KuName Domains itself, used to manage what we will call the KNS DAO. The aim of this organization is to empower the community of .kcc name holders. A portion of the token supply will be distributed to the .kcc holders community, plus a percentage will be set aside for core contributors, advisors, and active community members. The majority of the remaining supply will be locked in the community treasury governed by the DAO. What will happen to the funds is up to the community members who will vote on proposals.

I am launching this organization in the hopes that people will decide to direct the funds towards improving the KCC ecosystem through ways such as grants or hackathons. That being said, since we’re still at an early stage the distribution method and tokenomics on $KNS are yet to be finalized.

Leviathan: There is also another project on KCC [KCC Social], which appears to provide a similar service. Will there be any synergy between both projects? What makes your project unique in comparison?

🅰️ Gilgameš: Our product actually has a very different value proposition. KCC Social is a social-network-like platform where you can search up people and see their Web3 profile. A name service is more similar to a DNS in the Web2 world. Our main purpose is to map wallet addresses to human-readable names and vice versa. In fact, KNS might very well be integrated within KCC Social to show a .kcc name alongside, or in place of, the user’s address.

Leviathan: Thanks for clarifying. Now it’s time for one of the standard questions: are you currently participating in the KCC Unicorn contest? If so, what would you do with the additional funds if you were among the winners in your category?

🅰️ Gilgameš: We are not participating in the Unicorn Contest as to be eligible we would have had to deploy on KCC mainnet by April 18th.

Leviathan: Looking at the future, which features or updates are you looking to release once mainnet is up and running? Perhaps a teaser for our readers?

🅰️ Gilgameš: The scope of a name service is pretty much self-contained, meaning that there isn’t much room for adding new features without striding away from the initial core concept of it. Now, don’t get me wrong, we could let our imagination and creativity run wild and come up with all kinds of crazy features, but I think the most important step after launch is to increase adoption. Due to the very nature of a naming system, a platform offering such a service would be utterly useless without people using it. Adoption is key, and I don’t mean just regular users, but dapps and wallets too!

Thus, my next step will be to further increase our partnerships with many on-chain dapps and provide them the tools to easily integrate KNS into their system. One such collaboration is already being worked on with KuPay, for example. Another huge step forward will be to reach out to the team behind the KCC explorer and ask them to integrate KNS into the platform to show names instead of addresses.

Leviathan: Good point — looking forward to the day that I can actually memorize my wallet address! Best of luck with the upcoming launch and thank you for this insightful interview.

The original interview on KuCoin S can be found here. Want to learn more about KuName Domains?

Website: https://kuname.domains/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KuNameDomains

Telegram: t.me/KuNameDomains



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